Designer Eyewear



Don’t sacrifice style

Just because you need to wear glasses to improve your vision, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your style. You wear prescription spectacles every day, and choosing the right ones is just as important to your look as how you style your hair or what clothes you wear. At A.M. Tod, we don’t believe that attractive eyewear has to be expensive. We offer a wide range of designer glasses at competitive prices.

Complete spectacles from:

sunglasses•   £45 single vision lenses

•   £72 bifocals

•   £75 varifocals

•   £55 single vision sunglasses

                                           •   £75 bifocal sunglasses

                                           •   £85 varifocal sunglasses

Let us take care of your vision

glassesBecause we are an independent practice, we have the freedom to source the best quality eyewear at the best prices. Come to us for all your designer eyewear needs. In addition to supplying you with quality glasses, we also offer a range of Optical Services and Eye Examinations. Don’t take chances with your eyes, call us today to schedule a check-up.

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