Dry Eyes

So our first blog comes straight after Fireworks night, and while seeing the extra smoke in the air coming from the beautiful lights, it got me thinking about dry eyes. Dry eyes can range from something that is mildly irritating to a very disabling condition. Lately, we’ve been seeing lots of new cases of dry eyes and it comes in two varieties.

The first is the burning, foreign body sensation dry eyes and the other is the “eyes keep watering” dry eyes. What happens is the surface of the eye becomes exposed quicker than it should and the solution could be as easy as using artificial tear drops, or lid wipes to clean the lid margin from infection. On occasion, something slightly more invasive is needed like lacrimal drainage, where the small hole in the corner of your eye needs cleaning out using a special made syringe.

Other issues that could cause dry eyes are lid positions and again, we can give advice on your options if this is the case.

There are also supplements that can be taken like Omega 3 or Primrose Oil. But if you really don’t like it, you could always lot of oily fish instead!

If you experience any of the above symptoms, we are really happy for you to come in for us to look at you and give you a better understanding as to why your eyes are dry and how best to manage the problem!

dry eye treatment

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